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beat robot

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Beat Robot is a sound-powered robot made from simple and affordable materials to teach children and educators about science, technology, engineering and mathematics through art and creativity.

cost and about the project

The project costs just 2 dollars and comes with a step-by-step manual, helping students from assembling the chassis to building the robot electrically. Beat Robot aims to spread our hobby and passion, robotics, to low-income children who don't have access to STEAM areas, in a playful and educational way through music, since music is a universal way of expressing art. As a project using simple and accessible materials, it is possible to stimulate young people's creativity through robotics! The STEAM knowledge acquired comes from the assembly and application of the kits, where children can assemble and develop the electronic arrangement of their own robots with the help of the self-explanatory manual.

bncc structure

Involving BNCC skills, we improve children's learning during the project construction process, where students explore teamwork and problem solving, highlighting the need to work together to achieve a result. We adopted the manual in this way, as it makes it possible to apply it in classrooms in autonomous ways, where teachers feel free to explore the project in other subjects, such as arts and history. Furthermore, the project has several exercises, so that young people can learn in two ways: practical and objective. This way, you can teach, learn and have fun at the same time!







Beat Robot is applied mainly in public schools, offering new opportunities for young people in our country. Through these applications, we have been able to create new stories and open new doors for the future involving STEAM in our country. Our aim with this project is to assist teachers in their classes and train students in the areas of arts and technology, teaching STEAM skills while learning to work in groups and overcome challenges.

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If you are interested in being part of the project, feel free to fill in the form on the button below. You can also contact us via email and social media, such as Instagram: and @robonaticos7565

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