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Gear Up is a socio-educational manual that was created with the aim of spreading knowledge within the area of science and technology, and empowering students to be the next STEM leaders. With Gear Up, it is possible to transform robotics into a reality for all audiences, highlighting the importance of teamwork and sustainability.

Gear Up grew out of an initial project "Light-Powered Robot", which consists of a $2 robot capable of teaching science and technology to children with recyclable materials. This project was the seed that served as the basis for us to develop an even bigger target, and with the help of experts and teachers, we were able to create Gear Up, which is the locomotive that spreads STEM in a dynamic and fun way in our community.


Gear Up is applied in public schools, with the aim of making young people who do not have access to technology, the next leaders of the future, making STEM an ally for all the problems they will face during their careers.

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The application is done face-to-face, where our team goes to the schools in our state with the materials necessary to perform the experiments in front of the students. And we also have the remote way, where we train teachers so that they can carry out the missions together with the students in the classroom.

With these two ways, we have as a great benefit taking Gear Up to many places, expanding more and more science and technology.

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Adapting ourselves in various situations, during the Pandemic year the in-person applications of Gear Up were suspended, but as a way to not let go of the FIRST mission of demystifying STEM, Formula Maker was created. Formula Maker is a virtual robotics tournament, where young people learn in a simple way how to build three different cars, with new methodologies and knowledge.

In addition to Formula Maker, adding new low-cost experiences to Gear Up, it is undergoing a new structure, called Gear Up High Tech, where it will be put into practice starting next year with our community and expand worldwide.


If you are interested in being part of the project, feel free to contact us through our email and social networks, such as Instagram: and @robonaticos7565

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