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first forum latam

The FIRST LATAM Forum was created with the purpose of sharing experiences and knowledge about FRC and FIRST around Brazil and the world. The forum takes place during the pre-season, where we discuss topics related to outreach, such as the FIRST Impact Award, Engineering Inspiration and the Rookie All-Star. In addition, we also discuss robot areas such as mechanics, electrics, programming and more.

We would like to thank all the teams that trusted our project and participated in this incredible edition of the Forum, especially the teams: Robolancers #321, Laser #3284, Spyder #1622, Team Driven #1730, Under Control #1156, Megazord #7563, Ninetails #9219. In addition, we would also like to thank Amanda Wilsen, Sillas Vergilio and Bruno Toso for all their dedication to FIRST and for sharing their incredible experiences with the teams. Furthermore, we are grateful for the support of StemOs, Rockwell Automation and Makita for trusting our project and for the presence of Dean's List winners Gustavo Mendonça #7657, Ana Cavalcante #7563 and Luca Carvalho #1156. Finally, we'd like to thank the Octopus team #7567 for helping us with this incredible initiative and especially for their partnership over the years. Also, thank you, Irving, for making this incredible project a reality! We love you, purple ones!

- Robonáticos #7565 e Octopus #7567


We have created a document with all the information we acquired during the two-day event we held with the teams. Through this document, we aim to provide a better understanding of technical and non-technical information about FIRST. The three languages available are Portuguese, Spanish and English. Enjoy and thank you very much!

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